Double Fine’s next downloadable game is called Stacking

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Double Fine logo Following the somewhat disappointing reaction to Brutal Legend, Double Fine decided to focus its strengths on developing smaller, downloadable games. It’s first effort was Costume Quest. Costume Quest was a cute RPG that took place on Halloween night. Costume Quest was enjoyed by many, and there is DLC coming out for the game. Today (November 23, 2010), Double Fine pulled back the curtain on its next game called Stacking.

Stacking is unlike any game I’ve seen before. It features matryoshkas as the game’s inhabitants. Matryoshkas are those little dolls that can be stacked into each other. They’re usually round in appearance and are very colorful. In Stacking, you control Charlie Blackmore. Charlie is the smallest of all matryoshka dolls, but he uses this to his advantage. Since Charlie is so small, he can jump into other matryoshka dolls in the game.

Inserting Charlie into other dolls will grant him special abilities. You’ll use these new-found powers to complete various puzzles. Stacking‘s debut trailer showed Charlie taking on the form of an attractive doll to distract a guard. Once the guard was distracted, Charlie jumps into the guard and walks through the door. There also seems to be belching and farting in this game.

Stacking will be coming to PSN and XBLA in spring 2011.

Via [IGN]

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