Disc Replay Black Friday sale

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Disc Replay store logoSemi-regional Disc Replay stores are getting in on the sweet Black Friday sale action.

Disc Replay sells and buys used copies of DVDs, CDs and video games of all kinds. There are stores all over Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan.

If you visit any location from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., you can buy two items and get the third free. That includes nearly everything in the store including mix-and-match movies, music, box sets, games and accessories.

From noon until 10 p.m., you can buy three items and get a fourth one for free. In both cases the lowest item will be the free one. There will also be tons of $1.88 DVDs available all day long.

No coupons can be used on Black Friday and the deals exclude game systems and any new merchandise (so don’t go in thinking you can buy a Wii and Xbox 360 to get a free PS3).

Used is the new new and, let’s face it, we’re all poor right now and can’t always afford the luxury of “new” anyway. If you live in the area, go and check out the great deals.

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  • sarah

    i think you guys should also include game systems. after all, it is black friday. you could earn more money that way. good luck! :)

  • Yodasdt

    Buy three get your fourth free. There losing money as it is ^^dumby