Axl Rose files $20 million lawsuit against Activision

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Slash Guitar Hero

Axl Rose is very upset with Activision. The frontman for Guns N’ Roses is seeking $20 million from Activision after the developer allegedly did not make good on a deal it struck with Rose regarding Guitar Hero 3. All this legal drama doesn’t necessarily involve Rose himself. Like a blast from the past, Slash is the real star of this lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, Activision went against its agreement with Rose to not include any images resembling Slash during an in-game performance of Welcome to the Jungle in Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock. As we all know, things didn’t quite go down that way.

Slash was featured on the cover of Guitar Hero 3. He was also featured as a boss battle within the game, and was shown as a guitarist while playing Welcome to the Jungle. In case there’s any confusion, he was referred to as Slash in GH3. There was no attempt to conceal Slash’s likeness at all.

Rose’s lawsuit also says Activision wrongly used the popular Guns N’ Roses song Sweet Child O’ Mine to promote Guitar Hero 3. Activision was only allowed to use the song for Guitar Hero 2. Activision’s inclusion of Velvet Revolver songs is also said to go against the initial agreement.

This isn’t the first time an artist has sued Activision over a mishap with Guitar Hero. In 2009, No Doubt filed a lawsuit because Activision allowed members of the band to perform songs other than their own in Band Hero. No Doubt said this was something the band did not agree to in negotiations.

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