Sony updates PSP firmware and Media Go software

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PSP Firmware version 6.35 Qriocity

Well, it looks like you won’t be able to immediately access the PlayStation Store the next time you turn on your PSP. Sony’s released another firmware update for the system, bringing the software up to version 6.35. The PSP isn’t the only one getting an update though, as the Media Go program people can use for PSP downloads has also been updated to version 1.6. Time to start downloading!

PSP firmware v6.35 isn’t all that thrilling. It just paves the way for PSP Qriocity compatibility. When you finish updating and check the XMB, you’ll see a Qriocity logo under the Music header. After Qriocity launches, PSP owners will be able to select that function to access Sony’s cloud-based Music Unlimited service. People who decided to use it will be able to upload their music to Qriocity, and then listen to it on their PSP or other select Sony devices when connected to the internet.

The Media Go 1.6 update adds a few new features that aren’t amazing, but are quite handy. You can now drag and drop music, pictures and such from other areas of your computer to your Media Go library. It’ll also be easier to keep track of things, since you can use Gracenote MusicID to update your music information and save custom media searches as views. Finally, some rudimentary photo-editing tools, like red eye reduction or the ability to crop images, have been added.

It sounds like the the PSP firmware update will end up being more useful in the long run! That is, if Qriocity doesn’t have any outrageous fees. Sony hasn’t mentioned how much it will cost to use the Music Unlimited service, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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