Microsoft sells 2.5 million Kinects, 2.5 million to go

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Microsoft Kinect sensor

Kinect has picked up some serious steam over Black Friday. Microsoft announced that Kinect has sold over 2.5 million units since its release. Microsoft expects to sell 5 million Kinect units by the end of the holiday season. This means the hype train surrounding Kinect cannot slow down for the rest of the year.

Black Friday gave Kinect a big sales boost. Many retailers were promoting Kinect in its circulars, and some were offering bonuses if you purchased Kinect from their stores. Target’s vice president of merchandising said Kinect sold very well at Target. Target is making sure it has as many Kinects in stock in December. Television commercials for Kinect have also picked up. Microsoft’s product will still be a success from an install base perspective even if it doesn’t reach 5 million sold this year.

Kinect has been launched all over the world, but not all territories are embracing hands-free gaming. During its first weekend on sale in Japan, Kinect only sold 26,000 units. Japan has always been reluctant of the Xbox 360 in general. The bulk of sales will have to come from North America and Europe. The highest selling Kinect game in Japan was Dance Evolution with a whopping 6,000 copies sold.

I have my doubts on whether Microsoft can reach its goal. There’s no doubt Kinect will sell 5 million units within its first few months, but Microsoft has one month to double Kinect sales. Kinect came screaming out of the gate and I don’t think it has enough force to maintain its current selling trend.

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