[Update] Worldwide PlayStation Move sales top 4.1 million

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Move and Navigation controller PlayStation Move may not have the biggest marketing campaign, but it has captured the attention of gamers all over the world. Sony announced PlayStation Move has sold over 4.1 million units since its release last September. This number is the culmination of purchases in North America, Europe, Asia and Japan. Sony also mentioned 41.6 million PS3s have been sold as of September 2010.

Move had a nearly two month jump on Microsoft’s Kinect. So far Kinect’s sales are hovering around the 2.5 million mark. Kinect was given a substantial boost in sales following the madness of Black Friday. It’s likely Move sales also picked up significantly at that time.

Sony also pointed out 4.1 million does not include the sales of individual PSEye cameras or the navigation controller.

PlayStation Move also has a far less intimidating price of entry. PS3 owners such as myself only needed to buy the Move controller for $50. If you don’t own a PlayStation Eye, you only have to pay $99 for a bundle. On the other hand, Kinect by itself is a $149 investment. The console bundle is a good price for brand new owners, but there’s no denying the price barrier.

Both Kinect and PlayStation Move are very successful. Microsoft is expecting to sell another 2.5 million Kinect units by the end of the holiday shopping season. I personally think Move was a bigger success than Sony thought it would be.

Update: Sony now says it shipped 4.1 million PlayStation Move units. Actual sales are unknown.

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