APB: Reloaded character customization will have limits

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APB Reloaded APB will be returning in 2011 as APB: Reloaded. GamersFirst purchased the rights to APB for an undisclosed price and will be making the game free-to-play when it’s re-released. GamersFirst will be polishing some of the aspects of APB that were left unfinished by Realtime Worlds. APB’s most interesting feature, character customization, will be undergoing a change as well. APB: Reloaded‘s character customization will be limited depending on your account.

APB: Reloaded will have two account options – Basic and Premium. Basic will be free, and Premium will be provided at an unannounced price. There will be incentives given to Premium accounts. You’ll be able to create larger clans than Basic members, and receive special items for your money. Premium members will also have an edge in character customization.

GamersFirst understands APB had a very extensive customization feature-set. Therefore, it has to limit how complex characters can be. Basic members will have access to all of the customization options, but won’t be able to store or share their creation with other players if they’re too complex. This limitation is brought on by how much it could cost to share so much data on GamersFirst’s servers. Premium players can get as creative as they want as long as they have a Premium membership while customizing.

GamersFirst still believes there will be some individuals who will create amazing characters with a Basic membership despite the limitations.

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