Microsoft launches Xbox Live Rewards program

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Xbox Live Rewards

Starting today, you can begin to earn rewards for just doing what your normally do on Xbox Live. Microsoft will soon launch its Xbox Live Rewards program which will be available for US and UK regions. All you have to do is sign up, and start racking up the points.

Microsoft’s rewards come in the form of Microsoft Points. After you’ve obtained enough points, you can head to the Xbox Live Marketplace to purchase whatever you want. Certain actions on Xbox Live will grant you a set number of points. For example, renewing a Xbox Live Gold membership will grant you 200 points, making a first purchase in the Marketplace is worth 100 points, and purchasing select items will get you 20 points each. There are also rewards for activating Netflix and taking surveys.

I’m currently waiting for Microsoft to activate my Rewards account. Once it does, I’ll know if the rewards are retroactive, or if rewards are only granted moving forward.

This is one of those programs that you can easily enroll in and forget about. Over time, you’ll return to your account to find you’ve accumulated a decent amount of rewards points. This also encourages people to use Xbox Live more frequently than usual.

Via [Xbox Live Rewards] Read [Major Nelson’s Blog]

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