Ronimo unleashes a new wave of Swords & Soldiers goodness

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Swords and Soldiers PC Mac

Swords & Soldiers is now available for a much larger audience. The humble WiiWare game that previously found its way onto the PS3 has now continued its march and conquered Windows and Macs. If you’ve got $9.99 to spare, you could join the Viking, Aztec and Chinese armies as they march to greatness against 30 opponent-filled levels.

The computer version of Swords & Soldiers is most similar to the PS3 incarnation. It’s in HD, so it’ll look spectacular on your screen, has 20 Steam achievements, has three challenge modes and allows you to take part in multiplayer matches. Sounds like a good adaptation so far, but we’ll have to see how it works in practice once it unlocks on Steam in a few hours.

The move to Windows and Mac isn’t the only big news coming from Ronimo. The PS3 version of Swords & Soldiers has been updated. Next time you play, there’ll be a patch available that will make the game compatible with the PlayStation Move controller. So you’ll be able to play it just like computer and Wii gamers will play their versions – with a cursor!

Watch the new demo and how PlayStation Move controls work in Swords & Soldiers:

If you don’t own Swords & Soldiers and have a PS3, you may want to check out the newly updated demo. It also has PlayStation Move controls, for people who like that kind of thing, and some extra content to give people a better idea of what the full game is like.

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