Qlione Evolve is like Flow meets Geometry Wars

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Qlione Evolve Qlione Evolve will float onto the PlayStation Network on Tuesday December 7, 2010 for $6.99. Qlione Evolve is actually two games in one – Qlione and Qlione 2. Both games has its own theme that affects the gameplay. On the surface, Qlione Evolve may remind you of Geometry Wars. There’s not much geometry going on, but it Qlione Evolve is rooted in biology.

Qlione places you in a microscopic world where you play as a near-defenseless creature. Your goal is to survive and evolve so you can make it to Qlione 2. Much like the PSN title Flow, there are much larger creatures floating around that want to take you out of the picture. Your character is far too small to take them on head on, so it uses traps and bombs to defend itself. Qlione Evolve depends on the physics of your weapons to eliminate your enemies.

Qlione 2 features the same character, but it is continuously evolving in accordance to the foes you face.

Qlione Evolve will feature Trophy support, leaderboards and custom soundtracks. It’s developed by Rockin’ Android who is also responsible for Crescent Pale Mist and Gundemonium Collection on PSN.

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