Google launches Chrome Web Store, takes first steps into browser gaming

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Google Chrome icon Did you hear the news? Google just rolled out the Chrome Web Store today. The Chrome Web store is basically an app store that functions from within the Chrome web browser. It serves a similar function to what applications do on our mobile devices. For example, do you find yourself going to a website to check out the weather on your smartphone, or do you just click on your favorite weather app? The app is much quicker and optimized for your device. The same is true for most apps in the Chrome Web Store. The store also has games that install quickly and play smoothly.

Among the first games on the Chrome Web Store are Plants vs. Zombies, The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online. Some apps are free and other require payment. These games take mere moments to install and they perform just as they would on an iPhone or iPad. Plants vs. Zombies isn’t optimized for full screen support. More games will be implemented over time. Perhaps this is Google’s way of taking on the increasing popularity of Facebook games.

When you think about it, the Chrome Web Store turns your PC into a non-touch screen tablet.

Take the New York Times app for example. Once you click on a story, the text is presented in an easy to read way. You don’t have to scroll down the entire page to read all the text. When you click to the next page, you’re greeted with a sliding animation just as you’d see on a smartphone or a tablet. The New York Times app also updates you with breaking news by giving you a notification in your task bar.

Take a look at these comparison images. The first image is from the New York Times Chrome app, and the second is the web page version.

Since everything is taking place from within the web browser, you can still surf the web as normal in different tabs.

New York Times Chrome app
New York Times we bpage

There is definitely room for Google to make great strides with its Chrome Web Store. No other web browser is trying to implement apps to this extent.

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