Batman takes down special ops guys in latest Arkham City teaser

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Arkham City logo The VGAs are coming up soon. There will be a lot of videogame announcements and brand new footage from previously announced games. It’s almost a guarantee Batman: Arkham City will be making an appearance at some point. This very game was announced at last year’s VGAs after all. Today we’re getting a prelude to the VGA festivities with a new Arkham City teaser trailer from MSN. In it, Batman is facing a more sophisticated enemy.

This teaser is very short (hence the name), but it does introduce us a new challenge that Batman will have to face. In Arkham Asylum, Batman took down countless brain-dead thugs who followed the Joker without hesitation. The brutes will also be included in the walled off prison of Arkham City. What’s different this time is a team of special operatives that have been given the authority engage Batman. These guys are outfitted in high tech gear that reminds me of the earlier Splinter Cell games. To their dismay, Batman is the king of high tech weaponry.

Who these guys are and who hired them is still a mystery. It could be the doing of Hugo Strange or some other bitter villain Batman has locked away. Check out the trailer below and see if you can spot any secrets that will help to piece this puzzle together.

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If you have trouble viewing the embedded video, you can watch it straight from MSN at the first link below.

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