PlayStation Plus members will get the DC Universe Online beta

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DC Universe Online

As time goes on, it become a lot more beneficial to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber. The service was not without its skeptics when it launched. Now there’s is no arguing the value of PlayStation Plus. In addition to all the free games and add-ons members receive, Sony announced a free beta for DC Universe Online will soon be available for all PS Plus subscribers.

The beta doesn’t have an exact release date yet. This announcement was part of a PlayStation Blog post discussing early holiday presents, so maybe the beta will be released before Christmas. The release window for the retail version of DC Universe Online is set for the first quarter of 2011. When the beta is released, it will be stored in the PlayStation Plus section of the PlayStation Store.

DC Universe Online will help to determine if PS3 owners will support a subscription-based MMORPG. The reported monthly price for DC Universe Online is $15 a month when it’s officially released. The beta will let players create their superhero using a really in-depth customization feature. You can choose which existing superhero your character will be inspired by, what your combat style will be, special powers and much more. After you’re done, you can explore the game’s world with friends and complete quests.

If this offer is tempting you to buy a PS Plus subscription, you have a few choices available to you. A 12 month subscription is $49.99 and a 3 month subscription is $17.99.

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