Get your first look at ThatGameCompany’s Journey

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PS3 Journey Thatgamecompany

While ThatGameCompany’s Journey is still quite a mystery, we now have a little better idea of what it will look like. The first official trailer has been released for this exploration game on the PlayStation Blog, so people can get an idea of what exploring the deserts and wilderness will be like. Well, that and enjoy some absolutely gorgeous background music. Really, it’s quite pretty.

Here, watch the Journey trailer and see for yourself.

That robed individual is the player. As you can see, you’re exploring a vast wilderness. You do what you want, when you want. And not just alone either. Journey will be able to be played online with other people, and the players will be able to explore the world together.

Like Flower and Flow, Journey will be one of those PlayStation Store download that is really more of an experience than a game. It’s about capturing a feeling and enjoying the world around you, than completing goals or objectives. We’ll get to explore the desert for ourselves sometime in 2011.

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