PS3 owners can test Mass Effect 2 next week

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Mass Effect 2 PS3

Mass Effect 2 may not make it’s PlayStation 3 debut until 2011, but good little PS3 owning girls and boys will get to try it before Christmas 2010. The PlayStation Store December 21, 2010 update will include a free Mass Effect 2 download. Even European PS3 owners can enjoy the demo, as it will launch for them on December 22, 2010.

EA hasn’t revealed what the Mass Effect 2 PS3 demo will cover yet, or how big a demo will be. Odds are, it’ll give a brief sample of some kind of mission with a generic version of Commander Sheppard. And besides, it’s free. For that price, it’ll be worth a quick playtest.

If you think back to June 2010, demos of Mass Effect 2 were released for both Windows PCs and the Xbox 360. The demos were identical, and allowed anyone who downloaded them to try out three missions. It was an almost 2gb download. So if you’re curious about the PS3 demo, you could always try and hunt down a PC demo download link. Oh! There it is on Steam!

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