Sega’s MLB Manager lets you run your own baseball franchise

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MLB ManagerSega has already gotten its feet wet in the free-to-play sport sim category with Football Manager. Coming March 2011, Sega will launch MLB Manager, a free online baseball sim.

The MLB license gives Sega access to all 30 teams and 900 players that will appear in the game. It will launch in the US, Canada, Japan and South Korea.

MLB Manager begins with a closed beta that is currently taking signups through the game’s official site. The beta officially starts January 7, 2011. Any PC or Mac with Adobe Flash Player 10 will be able to play MLB Manager.

As you may have gathered from the “Manager” part, your role in this game is simply putting the team together. The actual baseball is taken care of by the virtual team you assemble. To do that, you’ll have access to players’ past stats and tendencies to assemble your team of all-stars. Your long-range goal is putting together a team good enough to win the World Championship Tournament.

Sports games have long been a huge part of the industry. It’s no surprise to see them taking the casual gaming genre by storm as well. There are Facebook games based on sports ranging from American football to mixed martial arts. It’s hard to stand out in the crowd, so having a professional sports license is a definitely a plus for Sega.

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