Mobage goes worldwide

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Yahoo Mobage Town logoYou better start paying attention when you hear news about DeNA Mobage-town games. Mobage is about to become a global thing. Now that DeNA’s acquired ngmoco and it’s Plus +, it’s going to bring Mobage to people around the world. It’s Mobage Smartphone SDK with ngCore is already in private beta.

Odds are, it’s going to be huge. DeNA had already discussed plans to quadruple its profits, and taking Mobage worldwide is a quick way to do it. Already developers like Square Enix, Nexon, Gamevil, Playfirst, Take-Two and Bolt Creative have signed on to start working on games for Mobage worldwide. Supposedly, DeNA has around 50 other developers ready to provide content. Some of them, like Square Enix, already have Japanese versions of games to draw upon. Just imagine the potential.

This works very well for developers, since they don’t have to work as hard to reach their audience. With the Mobago Smartphone ngCore SDK, the developers only have to make a game once. It will then work on everything – iOS devices, Android devices, computers and even TVs. Samsung’s already stepped up to help get Mobage on its Android devices.

DeNA hasn’t announced yet if we can expect to see a worldwide release of Mobage-Town, but I think it’s a sure thing. We’ll probably see it sometime in 2011. In Japan, Yahoo! Mobage-Town allows people to play the free Mobage games on their computers, while also connecting with other users via blogs, community chats and a message system.

Let’s hope the Japanese Mobage games Shenmue City and Persona 3 Social will be available in English!

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