MLB 11:The Show brings analog control to the series

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MLB 11 The Show Analog controls are the new quick-time events, with sports games leading the charge. Series such as Fight Night have tried to convince gamers analog controls are the way of the future. MLB 11:The Show is one of the latest games to get an analog control overhaul. Sony San Diego’s Chris Gill talked to ESPN about the changes to the series.

In MLB 11, you can pitch, hit and throw with the analog stick. Button lovers don’t fret, the original controls will still be in the options menu. Gill told ESPN’s Jon Robinson that fans had been asking for analog controls. You’ve got to give the people what they want. Batting and pitching take into account the direction you push the stick as well as how much pressure you apply. Fielders will need to push toward the correct base even as they complete the animation of picking up the ball.

You will definitely want to master these controls before taking your game into new online modes. MLB 11 will support online play for up to four players. This type of co-op has also become an important feature in sports games these days. Hits such as the NBA 2K and FIFA series show coordination is as important to setting up passes as it is fragging aliens. Online co-op makes the whole experience more social and often more fun. I say often, because there are always a few bad sports that can ruin it for everyone.

The new online play combined with brand new controls are no doubt going to make for some tense moments. If your no hitter gets ruined because your buddy couldn’t turn a routine double play, things could get ugly quickly. That’s a good thing, because the same would be true if it happened to teammates in a real baseball game. MLB 11:The Show is scheduled for a March 8, 2011 release on the PlayStation 3. No PS2 or PSP versions have been mentioned yet.

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