Playing with uDraw could win you $500 in Wii games

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uDraw Winter Wonderland The uDraw GameTablet was a neat addition to THQ’s gaming lineup for 2010. uDraw understandably didn’t get as much fanfare as Kinect or Move, but it was never meant to usher in a new revolution in gaming. uDraw is a simple peripheral for the Wii that is designed to look like a big tablet. The included stylus lets you draw simple and complex works of art. All that tinkering around can really brighten up your holiday should you be the winner of THQs uDraw GameTablet contest.

THQ is holding a Winter Wonderland contest for one month from December 14, 2010, to January 13, 2011. It is open to all members of Club uDraw. You’re not a member you say? That’s okay, because you can sign up for free on the World of uDraw website (linked below). Once you do, your goal is to create the best depiction of winter as you can, and upload it to the contest’s website. This is done by exporting your drawing onto a SD card from uDraw. Simple right?

One exceptionally talented person will get a THQ Kids Wii videogame prize pack, and have their picture used as the background image on uDraw’s website. Did I mention the prize pack is worth $500? THQ wouldn’t say what’s included in the prize pack. My guess is every kid friendly game THQ has made this generation.

Via [World of uDraw] Read [The Street]

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