inFamous comics bridge the gap between first two games

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inFamous comic Since Christmas is only five days away, we don’t expect the videogame industry to be throwing major announcements our way. Therefore this story about a new comic book series based around inFamous can either be something you’re excited for, or something you could care less about. As a big fan of the first game, I fall into the former category.

The inFamous comic series is being created by Sucker Punch Productions and DC Comics. It will have six issues and will explain to us what happened between the end of inFamous, while leading up to inFamous 2. In inFamous 2, Cole has left Empire City and set up shop in New Marais. The question is why did Cole leave? An even better question is, why didn’t Zeke stay behind? (I really didn’t like Zeke)

The picture you see to the right is the cover image for the comic. I think it’s safe to say that Cole’s design has been finalized. Aside from a few minor changes, Cole will return just as we remembered him.

A release window for the comics has not been announced. Since the comic flows directly into the inFamous canon, the first issue will probably be released around the same time as inFamous 2. We don’t even know when inFamous 2 is coming out. All we know is that it’s sometime in 2011. 2011 is also the same year where the wallets of every gamer will fall into a money sucking abyss to never be seen again.

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