Secret of Mana arrives on iOS, Square Enix celebrates with sales

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Secret of Mana iPhone iPod Touch iPad iOS

Square Enix’s latest port is Secret of Mana, which is a nice change of pace from the endless stream of Final Fantasy rereleases. It’s just for iOS owners, so if you want to play it without digging out your SNES or sitting at your Wii, head to iTunes and prepare to pay $8.99. Do so, and it’s yours! You too can explore the world with Randi, Primm and Popoi, collecting elementals to revitalize the Mana Sword and keep the Empire from unsealing Mana Seeds.

Since Square Enix doesn’t go porting Secret of Mana every day, it’s decided reduce a number of its iTunes releases to mark the occasion. Well, the official press release says the sale is in honor of Secret of Mana, but I think a little holiday called Christmas probably had something to do with it too. Select game soundtracks and iOS games will be on sale until January 5, 2010.

Here are the two reduced soundtracks:

And here are the 12 iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad games that are on sale:

Not a bad sale! It’s like it takes away the Square Enix tax that the company manages to tag onto even their downloadable games and makes them reasonable! I do feel bad for anyone who paid money for Sliding Heroes though.

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