Humble Indie Bundle 1 added to Humble Indie Bundle 2

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Braid PC

The Humble Indie Bundle 2 was a great deal right at the start. Five fantastic indie games for whatever you want to pay and you get to choose which charities and developers get your money. But today (December 22, 2010), the Humble Indie Bundle 2 got even better. To celebrate the over 180,000 sales of the Humble Indie Bundle 2, the original Humble Indie Bundle has been added to the deal.

The thing is, you have to do a little something if you want your Humble Indie Bundle purchase to not only include Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos and Revenge of the Titans, but World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD, Penumbra Overture and Samorost 2 as well. If you already purchased the Humble Indie Bundle 2 before today, you need to go to your download page and download your six extra games. If you haven’t made any Humble Indie Bundle 2 purchases this year, then you need to pay more than the current average ($7.38 at 11:03am CST, December 22, 2010) to also get the original Humble Indie Bundle.

There’s also another important thing to know about the original Humble Indie Bundle included with the Humble Indie Bundle 2. The Steam keys for it are a little wonky and there are only 150,000 right now. This means the first 150,000 people who get and unlock them will definitely get Steam access to all the Humble Indie Bundle 1 games, and the others will have to wait to see if and when more will be available. It also means buyers can’t get Samorost 2, Gish (Mac version) and Aquaria (Mac version) on Steam at the moment. The newly included Humble Indie Bundle 1 also might not be able to be unlocked at Desura.

Despite the few little quirks with Steam, Desura and the Humble Indie Bundle 1, this new addition should give everyone even more reason to grab the Humble Indie Bundle 2. The money’s going to a good cause and you’ll be set for computer games well into 2011!

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