Start playing Pokemon Black and White in March 2011

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Pokemon Black White DS OshawottIf you received gift cards this holiday season, you may want to save them up. After all, March, 2011 isn’t that far away and I’m sure you’ll want to be prepared to pick up a copy of Pokemon Black or White when it launches. Yes, Nintendo has officially confirmed the release date for the next DS Pokemon games – March 6, 2010. Like all Pokemon games before them, they’ll each cost $34.99.

Pokemon Black and White have a few version specifics which really make you think about which version you buy. Yes, there are pokemon exclusive to each game to encourage trading, in particular the legendaries. (Reshiram is only in Black and Zekrom is only in White.) Each game also has an exclusive area. If you get Black, you can explore Black City and see special pokemon there. If you get White, then the White Forest is waiting for you to visit and do some catching.

Nintendo’s latest press release also discussed some details about the Pokemon Black and White seasons. For example, some pokemon look different depending on what time of year it is and some areas in the game can only be reached during certain times of year. Which means more planning if you want to catch a certain kind of pokemon.

No special preorder bonus has been announced yet. So if you don’t want to preorder, don’t bother. It’s not like stores are going to run out of copies of one of the biggest DS games out there.

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