The Humble Indie Bundle #2 closes with nearly $2 million in sales

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Humble Bundle

Did you grab the Humble Indie Bundle #2? I hope you did because it’s now closed. Overall, the bundle brought in over $1.8 million. We’re still waiting to see how much of that is being split between charities and developers. In the meantime, the good folks responsible for the Humble Indie Bundle #2 released other statistics to break down where a lot of the cash came from.

In all, the bundle was purchased 232,849 times. Surprisingly, people using Linux paid more on average than any other platform. On average, Linux users paid $13.76, Windows users paid $7.83 and Mac users paid $9.26. Even though Windows users paid less on average, they made up more than half of the purchases. Linux and Mac downloads appear to be very similar according to the pie chart that was provided on the Humble Bundle site.

A little while ago, we mentioned how some companies were donating a large amount of money so that their names would appear on the Humble Bundle’s top contributors list. Among the top contributors is none other than OnLive (or someone using its name). Their donation was for $5,000. The largest donation came in at an odd total of $6,132.96.

There’s a chance, and a good one if I may add, that there will be a Humble Indie Bundle #3. You can sign up for an e-mail notification just in case that happens.

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