Rumor: Marvel may make a game based on Secret Wars

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Ultimate Spider Man

Siliconera is reporting that Marvel Comics has filed a Secret Wars trademark that would apply to everything from video games to action figures. This is leading to speculation that Marvel might mine the landmark storyline for a new game.

Today’s comic book fans are well aware that, every Summer, heroes from across the universe unite to fight evil and sell more books. That wasn’t always the case.

Secret Wars 1984 series is credited with starting the crossover tradition that is commonplace in today’s comic industry. Events that took place during the Secret Wars are still a major part of Marvel storylines, most notably Spider-Man’s black costume. The costume was an alien symbiote that later became a supervillain in its own right. The black suit is still a critical plot device in Spider-Man books, movies and video games. Ultimate Spider-Man wore the black suit in 2010’s Spider-Man:Shattered Dimensions video game.

The Secret Wars storyline is so perfect for a game I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before now. An alien entity called The Beyonder kidnaps numerous Marvel heroes and villains then forces them to battle. The winners would receive whatever they wanted thanks to The Beyonder’s power. Video games are born of the same material as comic book crossovers. You need a titanic battle against a foe or foes that require the combined might of every noteworthy hero in the world. Marvel has already had video games based on stories such as Civil War and the Infinity Gauntlet. It makes perfect sense to give game treatment to the story that started it all for comic book crossovers.

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