So how many Xbox Live Rewards Points have you earned?

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Xbox Live Rewards

Today seems like an appropriate time to bring up Xbox Live Rewards again. It has been one month since Microsoft started the program. By enrolling in Xbox Live Rewards, you have the chance to earn Rewards Points that can be converted into Microsoft Points. The program isn’t without a few catches, but I’m just curious as to know if anyone is pulling down some serious points.

So far, I’ve earned an abysmal 20 points. I participated in a survey at the beginning of the month to get these points. There are a bunch of points I’m not eligible for such as activating Netflix and making a first purchase from the Xbox Live Marketplace. If I don’t earn at least 100 points, Microsoft won’t give me anything. I feel like I’m at a disadvantage here. It seems like the only way I can earn points is by purchasing things. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s crazy to spend 800 Microsoft Points to get 40 Rewards Points in return. I was hoping to earn points accidently, but so far that hasn’t happened. Don’t we get something for downloading those two games from the Unlock Xbox challenge? I guess not.

What about you? Check your Rewards Points total and see if you’ve accumulated some virtual money this month.

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