PS3 and PSP owners get mad with Angry Birds this week

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Oh you little birds. Just so angry. And so versatile! They really get around and, on January 4, 2011, Angry Birds will be on the PlayStation Store. Prepare yourself for an invasion!

Angry Birds will be released as a minis title, so there’s no favoritism. All Sony gaming device owners will get to shoot colorful birds at pigs. The minis verison will have 63 levels immediately available to players and, as always, will require you to launch the birds at the pigs flimsy castles. Break them down so the birds can get their revenge!

Unfortunately, those are all the details we have for the Angry Birds mini release. A price hasn’t been announced yet. Also, there’s no word on whether the app will be constantly updated with new levels or special features. I’m going to guess no. I’ve bought quite a few minis to play on my PS3 and PSP, and never seen any kind of update patch with extra content.

As for price, the Angry Birds mini will probably be between $3 and $7, since most minis are. One thing is certain, it’ll probably be a lot more than the 99¢ iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch version. Actually, if you have an iOS device you should probably head to iTunes and get Angry Birds from there right now. That version has 210 levels and touch screen controls.

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