GameStop’s shiny Raikou, Entei and Suicune can summon Zoroark

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GameStop Shiny Entei Raikou Suicune PokemonIf you love Pokemon and plan on picking up Pokemon Black or White, then you’re going to have to stop by GameStop at least three times this month. Yes, it’s pokemon distribution time again, and everybody loves shiny versions of the legendaries Raikou, Entei and Suicune!

You won’t just be getting a shiny legendary when you stop by though. You’ll also be getting yourself a chance to get Zoroark in March. If you get a shiny Raikou, Entei or Suicune transferred to your copy of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold or SoulSilver, and then transfer it to your copy of Pokemon Black or White after you get it, then Zoroark will appear in your copy of Black or White. If you go to all the trouble to do the transfer, then no Zoroark for you. Really. You won’t be able to get Zoroark unless Nintendo does another distribution promotion after Black and White are released.

The first pokemon being distributed is the shiny Raikou. If you’re in the U.S.A. or Canada, then head to your local GameStop before January 9, 2011 with your DS and ready to receive mystery gifts. Make sure you don’t have more than two Wonder Cards in your in-game inventory, because if you do, you don’t get the shiny. Entei is available second, between January 17 and 23, 2011. Finally, distribution ends with Suicune being passed out between January 31 and February 6, 2011.

Of course, when Pokemon Black and White are released, you’re going to have to find a trustworthy friend to help you do the pokemon swap. Well, you will if unless you’re one of those people who upgraded from an older DS to a DSi and so have multiple DS units lying around. Those people are set.

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