CES 2011: Turtle Beach’s booth will have gaming headsets

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Turtle Beach Earforce PX5 headsetIf you can’t live without expensive headsets, then Turtle Beach has you covered. The company has been known for providing computer, PS3 and Xbox 360 headsets over the years and it will continue to make communication easier for gamers. In fact, if you’re going to be at CES 2011 between January 6 – 9, 2011 this week, you’ll be able to see three of the latest products firsthand. Since all three new headsets won’t debut in stores until sometime in spring 2011, you could be among the first to check them out.

The first headset is the Ear Force XC1 and downright affordable for Xbox 360 owners. The headset has slotted ear cups, so you can hear what’s going on in the game and what’s going on around you. It also has a volume control in-line and lets users turn off the mic, if they’d like. At $24.95, it’s a bit more expensive than the basic $19.99 Microsoft headset.

People with a little more money may want to go for the $59.95 Ear Force P11. Well, people who play games on their PS3s, Windows PCs or Macs. It’s a USB powered, stereo headset with oversized 50mm high fidelity speakers, volume control for both chat and the regular game audio and a mic monitor so you can hear yourself as well as the people you’re talking to and the game. It also has bass boost, if you’d like, and amplified directional audio.

If you have cash to burn, then start saving up for the Ear Force PX5. This $249.95 PS3 and Xbox 360 headset lets you customize everything you’re hearing with 18 presets, so you can hear exactly what you do, or don’t, want to hear in the game. You can also hear your own voice when you talk, or even change your voice if you want to hide your identity. There’s even a silencer to cut out background noise. It even has dual-pairing bluetooth chat, so you can talk on PSN or on your phone, or listen to music while playing. Ot also has Dolby 5.1/7.1 surround sound, Ear Guard Blask Limiters to dull intense game sounds and technology that will automatically raise the chat volume if the background game volume goes. So it’s an expensive piece of technology, but all of its features almost makes the price sound reasonable.

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