OnLive hires former Pandora executive to serve as chief operating officer

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Etienne Handman OnLive used to be all about games, but that’s changing. OnLive will start streaming movies and television programs this year. Its partnership with Vizio is most likely part of a larger plan to bring its service to more people through less expensive HDTVs and Blu-ray players. It’s clear that OnLive will move beyond games in 2011, especially now that former Pandora chief operating officer Etienne Handman has been hired as OnLive’s new COO.

Pandora is an extremely popular cloud-based music service. It’s very good at determining which artist you may want to listen to based on preferences you provide. OnLive’s goal is to have Handman use his experience with cloud-based services to boost OnLive to Pandora-like levels. With more than two decades of experience, Handman really is the right man for the job.

OnLive’s CEO Steve Perlman once said during the D: Dive Into Mobile conference that OnLive’s gaming platform is the hardest thing to do in the cloud. He insisted if OnLive can run games flawlessly, it would be easier to run less intensive programs such as web browsers and movies. He showed how even the most powerful software programs, such as the 3D content creation program Maya, can be controlled on an iPad with ease.

It will be a treat to see what OnLive has planned for 2011.

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