This is what Portal 2’s box art looks like

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Portal 2 box art After a couple delays and one hilarious press release, Valve announced Portal 2 will be coming out on PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3 on April 21, 2011. That’s still a few months away, but us gamers want more Portal right now! We’ll likely get nothing outside of a few videos as Portal 2 nears release, but today we’ve got box art to show you.

Valve appears to be really pushing the co-op aspect of Portal 2. Judging by the box art, you’d think the game was only about two robots jumping through colored circles. There is no indication of GLaDOS or Chell. But the beloved companion cube makes an appearence in the background.

The two robots were created by GLaDos as test subjects in an experiment. GLaDos wants to prove robots can takes the place of humans, and sends two robots to prove her theory. The robots create two sets of portals, and are controlled by two players. The co-op testing chambers were made to take advantage of four portals working together. Puzzles such as this would be impossible in single-player and vice-versa.

No word if the robots will sing a catchy tune in the end.

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