CES 2011: Play with Sifteo cubes

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Sifteo Cubes

If you’re wandering around CES 2011 January 6-9, 2011, and get board, head to booth 3317A in the Mommy Tech Zone to visit Sifteo. There, you’ll be able to play with some Sifteo cubes. It’s a new video game system that uses between three and six 1.5″ cube blocks to play an assortment of downloadable games. To play the games, you move the cubes around and place them next to each other. I know – when I first saw them I thought they were little iPod Nanos too.

You can see some of the Sifteo games in action in the official trailer. It shows how to set the game up with your computer and play Chroma Shuffle, Booker the Penguin, Mt. Brainiac and Shaper.

Pretty neat! Each Sifteo cube’s battery life is four hours, and when you need to charge them up, just drop them into the dock they come with. You buy the games from the Sifteo Store and they will automatically be transmitted to the cubes via the USB dongle connected to your Windows computer. This also means you have to play within 20 feet of your computer, but don’t worry if you move out of range. The game will automatically pause until you go back into range. If you get distracted and need to step away for a moment, the cubes will automatically turn off.

You’ll find Sifteo in stores in Fall 2011 and a basic pack will cost $149. If you get that, you get three cubes, a charger, the usb dongle and an AC adaptor. There was a $99 Early Access Program that was launched when 2011 began. If you decided to place a preorder then, you would get that starter pack, 1,000 points to spend on games at the Sifteo store, a coupon for any Sifteo purchase up to $200 and a t-shirt. Unfortunately, that option is now unavailable, as the website says the Early Access Sifteo Packs are all sold out. If you really want to preorder and get the cheaper pack with lots of extras, you can leave your email address and be notified if the site restocks.

Also, if you’re at CES 2011 you can stop by the January 8, 2011 Last Gadget Standing contest to see Sifteo. That’s happening at 10:30am in room N257. Sifteo is also a CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award honoree.

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  • George

    I'm actually a lot less interested in these as a gaming platform or system for myself, than I am for my toddler daughter. She already is learning her ABC's and the sounds they make. I've always though the wooden blocks with letters on them were fairly worthless because the child gets no feedback if they arrange them correctly or not. With these you could write a program to make the computer sound out the words that the child forms with the blocks.