CES 2011: Audiovox’s keynote press event

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Audiovox press conference CES 2011 President

Audiovox held a press-only keynote today at CES 2011 (January 5, 2011) starring David Geise, President of Audiovox Accessories Corp.

Claiming that 67% of the world has, as Geise put it, “concluded that you need” cell phones and other portable devices, the company is focusing a lot on iPhone and iPad docks. Ranging from a $15 digital alarm clock with USB ports to $130 iPad dock with motorized rotation. Most of the products are coming out April, March and May 2011.

Audiovox press conference CES 2011 USB Charger Alarm Clock

A lengthy section of the keynote was focused on, of all things, personal sound amplifiers (PSAs or fancy speak for “hearing aid” that is not a hearing aid). Citing $2000 to $4000 hearing devices and the continued loss of hearing across all age groups, Audiovox is releasing two PSAs. Promising less loss, digital clarity and rechargeable batteries these will be sold in retail stores (and targeting surprisingly younger people).

The first is by RCA called the Symphonic and will be available April 2011 for $300. The second is by Acoustic Research and will be available May 2011 for $349.

There were also a bunch of portable Blu-ray players and configurations. One will utilize a mounting system that attaches to a standard headrest instead of requiring straps. They are also releasing a rotating player that will display in any direction.

Audiovox press conference CES 2011 Android Based Headrest System

They also announced an Android-based mounted system that is essentially a fancy tab for your car. That does mean, of course, that you can watch movies and play Android games.

The company is also pushing digital TV products including a couple small screen display devices. That will mean that local stations will need to buy the broadcasting equipment. It was promised to work at speeds of 100 mph.

There is also a line of auto safety devices including a rear camera system that combines GPS, radio and a single camera instead of four sensors. And, yes, an SD slot.

There is also a forward camera setup system that live detects the road and other vehicles to warn the driver when they cross the line or when there is the possibility of a collision. That will be $600 fully installed.

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