Xbox Live Update for the week of January 2 through 8, 2011

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Xbox live weekly update

It’s a light week for Xbox Live content as 2011 begins. Puzzler ilomilo is the only addition to the arcade. Ilo and Milo are on a gravity-defying, puzzle-solving romp complete with local multiplayer, achievements and leaderboards. You can join in on the fun for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). Ilo and Milo can plunge off the screen repeatedly, but don’t actually die. It could be a cute gift for young puzzle lovers. Teamwork between Ilo and Milo is necessary to solve the 48 levels of adorable puzzles.

Crackdown 2 is now available as a Games on Demand download. Since developer Realtime Worlds is no more, this could well be the swan song for Crackdown. If you played the demo and unlocked achievements in it, those will carry over to the full game. Crackdown 2 is $29.99. Racing fans can try out MX vs ATV Reflex for $19.99. Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts, a favorite of achievement point lovers for its easy 1,000 Gamerscore, is $19.99 as well.

Crackdown 2

Rock Band 3 was one of the best reviewed music games of 2010, and the Man in Black joins the fun this week.The Johnny Cash Track Pack is now available for 1080 MS Points. The eight songs are available individually for 240 MS Points each.There is also a free pack of songs available for download including : Visions by Abnormality and Anarchy Club’s Get Clean.

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