PacMap for Android turns your neighborhood into a videogame

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PacMap It appears GPS just isn’t as exciting as it used to be. A standard robotic voice used to be enough, but now we need Darth Vader to tell us where Dairy Queen is. Navigation on a plain map was acceptable, but now we have Pac-Man eating pac-dots along our route. It’s a potentially dangerous idea, but it’s very cool.

PacMap is a new augmented reality application that uses your Android phone’s GPS to create a real-life Pac-Man stage. The purpose of the game is to eat all the dots while avoiding ghosts. The difference is Pac-Man moves when you move.

For obvious reasons, you don’t want to be playing this game while you’re driving. The pac-dots appear to be distributed at random and are not placed based on directions. This game is meant to be played on foot, although you may look a little silly while playing. Your neighbors may get concerned if they see you walking in circles up and down the street with you eyes constantly glued to your phone. Telling them you’re running from ghosts won’t help their concerns either.

PacMap is currently free and in open beta mode. You can find it by doing a search in the Android Market. The developer recommends turning off the animations if you want to save battery life, or if you have a low-end Android phone.

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