Warner Bros. and TT Games’ next project is LEGO Ninjago

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Lego Ninjago DSThe next Lego video game isn’t going to be a Lego version of an existing series or movie. Prepare yourself – it’s going to actually be based on a new line of Lego toys. Shocking! Warner Bros. Interactive and Traveller’s Tales Games are going to release Lego: Ninjago: The Videogame in Spring 2011. If you can’t wait for ninja Lego dudes until then, head to Toys R Us. They just started carrying the toy counterpart.

Lego Ninjago is being described as a Lego Battles successor. You may remember it as being a real-time strategy game with fantasy, pirate and space campaigns. Players could go through the “good” and “bad” sides of each, to see the full story. Lego Ninjago is going to be similar, as there will again be “good” and “bad” campaigns, so players can be the heroic Spinjitzu ninjas or villainous Skulkin ninjas.

Multiplayer also returns in Lego Ninjago, though exact details haven’t been revealed yet. Apparently two of the multiplayer modes from Lego Battles will reappear, which is a good thing because multiplayer was arguably the best part of that game. We just don’t know which two, but since there were only three in the original we can assume it’s pretty much the same. There will also be four new multiplayer modes included.

I’m hoping the single player campaign is handled well in Lego Ninjago. Lego Battles‘ was really packed, with lots of levels and possibilities, and it’d be nice to see that in the sequel too. Let’s hope the touch screen controls are more accurate too.

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