Telltale’s Jurassic Park takes inspiration from Heavy Rain, is a sequel to original film

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Jurassic Park logo Telltale Games almost made our heads explode when it announced it would be making games based on the Back to the Future and Jurassic Park franchises. Back to the Future was the first game out of the gate as the first episode released last month. We haven’t seen or heard much about Telltale’s Jurassic Park project, but Game Informer has an exclusive story on the direction Telltale is taking.

Jurassic Park will be spread out across five downloadable episodes on the PC, Mac and consoles. The game will take place right after the events of the original movie. It will have its own story, but will also answer questions that were left floating in the air from the first Jurassic Park. In fact, some of the game occurs during the movie from the perspective of characters not before seen. Unlike Back to the Future, major characters from the movie won’t be around, but they won’t be forgotten either.

Telltale has always been a developer who creates games that reward clever thinking over quick reflexes. With Jurassic Park, Telltale wanted to create an experience that wasn’t just about shooting dinosaurs. Previous Jurassic Park games relied too heavily on that. Even though the most memorable Jurassic Park game I’ve played was an on-rails (while in a jeep) shooter, such experiences don’t translate very well to home consoles these days. Telltale took cues from Quantic Dream’s psychological thriller Heavy Rain as it created Jurassic Park‘s story. The decisions you make in the game will directly impact how the story will play out. There aren’t multiple branching paths like in Heavy Rain, but you’ll still have to think about your actions before you do them. Jurassic Park will still have moments where you have to act quickly, but the bread and butter of the game will be paced slower.

It’s my hope that not only Jurassic Park be a departure from previous games, but a departure for Telltale as well. I’ve mostly known the developer for funny games. Now we’ll see how it handles tension involving a giant T-Rex.

Via [Game Informer]

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