Project Nevada does what Fallout: New Vegas didn’t

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Project Nevada

Bethesda has done a great job of supporting the modding community. It has provided tools for gamers to make alterations to its games as much as they like. Some clever creators have made drastic changes to games such as Oblivion and Fallout 3. Best of all, the entire PC community can download these mods for free. One of the bigger alterations for Fallout: New Vegas comes from a mod called Project Nevada.

Project Nevada adds, and builds upon things that are already in New Vegas. For example, there are a lot of clothing pieces and armor to be found in the wasteland. For headgear, Project Nevada adds a special view that’s tailored for that equipment. If you’re wearing goggles in first-person mode, your point-of-view will have a goggle outline. Helmets and goggles also crack when you take damage à la Metro 2033.

Along with the new helmet view comes new vision modes. Project Nevada includes night vision and infrared vision modes. These can be particularly helpful for players who have a high sneak skill with a long range weapon.

Other new abilities include a sprint and tackle move, bullet time, grenade hotkey and enhanced zoom for weapons with scopes.

Project Nevada even tries to tie all these new abilities together in a way that makes sense. The mod has a cyberware system that adds implants to your character. These implants include biotic eyes, synthetic limbs and lungs, a kinectic accelerator and an adrenaline regulator.

Below is a video of Project Nevada.

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