Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer leaks out

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Final Fantasy Versus XIII shooting

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was one of the games we were hoping to hear more about in 2011. Square Enix held an event in Tokyo were someone managed to get footage of the latest Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer. This game looks like a big departure from previous FF games by taking place in an urban environment, and even having some third-person shooter elements.

We’ve embedded the trailer below for your convenience, but there’s no telling if and when Square Enix will have it pulled. If that happens before you’re able to see it, I hope our little description will be enough for you to create your own trailer in your head.

First of all, the video is in Japanese so I have no clue what’s being said. The action kicks off when a giant creature starts tearing through the city. As cars are thrown into buildings and people are running for their lives, the player takes control of the character. There are three characters in his party. Among the selectable combat options are magic, item, summon and ex-arts. Normal attacks seem to be chosen by default.

FF Versus XII seems to have done away with turn-based combat. The video looks like you’re given full control over your character when attacking and maneuvering. We also get a glimpse of a third-person shooting mechanic complete with crosshairs. We’ll also be able to use mounted weapons, and climb into mechs. This is not the Final Fantasy we’re used to seeing. We’re happy about that.

So long as it’s still available, check out the trailer below.

Via [Jin115] (Japanese) Read [Kotaku]

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