Kongregate brings hundreds of games to Android

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Kongregate Arcade

Android devices can be used to play games, but they’ve always taken a back seat to iOS devices. Perhaps Android fragmentation is the culprit here, or maybe it’s the way the Android Market is organized. Whatever the reason(s), Kongregate is hoping to fill the Android gaming void with its new Kongregate Arcade application.

Kongregate Arcade is a free download in the Android Market. It takes 300 flash games from its web service and beams it straight to you Android device. Now because the games are flash enabled, that means not all Android phones can use Kongregate Arcade. Your device has to at least be running Android 2.2, otherwise known as Froyo. Many older Android phones haven’t been updated to Froyo. Even more recent phones have yet to get Froyo.

There are 300 games currently available, but more games will be added every week. Some of those games can also be downloaded to your device so you can play them without an internet connection. You’ll still need an internet connection to play the other games.

Kongregate would like to work with developers to create Kongregate Arcade exclusive games for Android. The goal is to help make Android as viable a gaming platform as iOS devices.

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