PC owners teased with Alan Wake theme pack

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Alan Wake

Hey, good news Windows owners. Just because you can’t play Alan Wake on your computer doesn’t mean you can’t see it on there! Microsoft has just released a brand new, Alan Wake theme pack for your Windows 7 computers. Because looking at the game you were promised for years is the next best thing to actually experiencing it.

The Alan Wake theme pack is a free download. Just head over to the Windows 7 Personalization Gallery and there it is. The almost 18mb download nets you 12 wallpapers from the game and a sound scheme that uses sounds from the game to replace the normal Windows 7 noises.

After you’ve downloaded the Alan Wake theme pack, it’s pretty easy to start using it. Save the file anywhere you’d like on your computer, but remember where you did! Once it has finished downloading, double click on it. Windows will automatically install your theme and set it as your current theme. If you decide you’re tired of looking at Alan Wake, then right click on a blank spot on your desktop, select personalize and switch to a different theme from there.

Poor Windows gamers. Back when the idea of Alan Wake was first conceived, Remedy Entertainment was saying it would be a Windows and Xbox 360 game. The company even showed off PC demos for years. That all stopped in 2009, when the Windows version was scrapped and Alan Wake was made an Xbox 360 exclusive. It’s now been out on the Xbox 360 since May, 2010, and it looks like there will never be a Windows release. All they get is a theme pack that, with a little effort, they could have probably put together themselves.

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