Spice up your decor with some Plants vs. Zombies figurines

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PvZ figurines 1

If you feel that your home, office, or dorm is a bit on the bland side, you may want to consider adding a few plants. After all, plants are great for livening up a room. And while you’re at it, why not some zombies as well? They make a great conversation piece. Okay okay, I’m actually talking about Plants vs. Zombies figurines, which you can purchase at your friendly neighborhood eBay.

During the holidays my husband thought long and hard as to what to get me for Christmas. He read a little article from Gizmodo about Plants vs. Zombies figurines being sold at first only on Etsy, but eventually found their way to various other outlets including eBay. He remembered my unhealthy obsession with the game, so figured they would make the perfect gift.

On eBay you’ll find that there are many different kinds of PvZ figurines made by different manufacturers. Some look better, and are better made than others. With a little research, my husband found that the ones labeled “Flare Hi” were the best quality. As a test he bought two Gargantuars, one by Flare Hi and one by Roogo. As you can see from the picture, they look nearly identical, but the Flare Hi Gargantuar has better paint quality and more importantly, is heavier than its counterpart. When you pick up the Roogo version, it feels very light and plastic-y whereas the Flare Hi model is heavier and more solid.

PvZ figurines 2

These particular figurines are made and ship from Singapore, so unsurprisingly they’re not officially licensed PopCap merchandise. Now, if you’re not into buying knockoffs, you can also buy PvZ toys with the PopCap seal right on the box. However, I’ll argue that the Singaporean fakes actually look better than the legit version. You be the judge.

The interesting thing about the non-legit version is that its manufacturers sometimes take certain liberties with the product design. Check out this “thunder mushroom” figure, which doesn’t exist in the two versions of the game I’ve played (PC and iPhone). Does it appear in the Xbox 360 version? It still looks cool though. I wonder what its attack would be. I’m guessing that it can call down a bolt of lightning to fry a zombie. Perhaps a chain lightning attack and fry every zombie in one lane, or an AoE attack that zaps zombies closest to it. It would probably be a one-time use mushroom since lightning attacks sound quite powerful.

PvZ figurines 3

You can purchase the figurines individually or as lots of 10-12. Price varies depending on the seller, but expect to pay huge shipping fees since most come from overseas.

I’m mighty tempted to go to my nearest Home Depot or other home improvement store to buy a wall-mounted shelf and some green astro turf to better display them. But for now, they’ll reside comfortably on our TV console, amongst the family photos.

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