Zynga’s RewardVille enters beta phase

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Zynga is arguably the most popular game developers on Facebook. Its games have had great popularity, but Zynga has also been subject to scrutiny. Still, the developer continues to grow. Most recently, Zynga released CityVille which attracted over 84 million users in its first month. Zynga has added another element to its network to make its games even more addictive. RewardVille is a new system designed to reward players with coins which can be used as currency.

RewardVille can get a little confusing. It’s set up in three tiers – zPoints, zCoins and zLevels. zPoints can be earned simply by playing FarmVille, FrontierVille, Mafia Wars, Treasure Isle and Zynga Poker. Only 80 zPoints can be earned each day from a single game. Technically this adds up to 400 zPoints, but only 300 zPoints can be earned in a day.

As you earn more zPoints, your zLevel increases. When your zLevel increases, you’ll be awarded zCoins. zCoins can then be taken into RewardVille and redeemed for items that are used in Zynga’s games.

Zynga will only allow players to have one RewardVille account. Those points can’t be transferred to another account or redeemed for real money. Sign into RewardVille right now if you want to give it a swing.

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    Did not like getting a minimum of 80zCoins per game.They should have made 300 zPoints per day without making any limit per game

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