Pro Zombie Soccer free for iOS for a limited time

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Pro Zombie Soccer If you’re tired of shooting zombies all the time, consider this athletic alternative. Pro Zombie Soccer is now free in the App Store. The reason behind this sudden act of generosity by Chillingo is due to the release of Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse Edition for the iPad. There’s no telling when Pro Zombie Soccer will stop being free, so grab it now.

I had some preconceived notions about Pro Zombie Soccer before I downloaded it. I thought it was about a team of zombies playing soccer, but I was dead wrong. You don’t need to be a soccer fan to enjoy this game. Pro Zombie Soccer is actually about a budding young soccer player named Jax that gets bitten by a zombie who also used to be a soccer player. Oddly enough, the zombie possessed an uncanny soccer ability that Jax acquires. Jax then decides to pick up an enchanted soccer ball, and kill hordes of zombies before he turns into one.

All you do is guide the angle in which you want to kick the soccer ball. The ball is strong enough to kill hordes of zombies that approach you. Pro Zombie Soccer also has cool power-ups such as a soccer ball that goes through zombies and access to a laser shooting military satellite.

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