World of Starcraft mod hoping to be renamed and released

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World of Starcraft Blizzard recently put the breaks on a World of Starcraft mod which was created within Starcraft II. Ryan Winzen, the creator of World of Starcraft, placed a video on YouTube showing off his work when it caught the attention of Activision. Activision then had the video taken down. Wizen took to the forums earlier today to explain exactly what happened.

Winzen wrote he was contacted by Blizzard’s deputy general council about some misconceptions the company had. Blizzard wasn’t sure if Winzen had created World of Starcraft from within Starcraft II, or if he was doing it with his own software. Winzen cleared that up with Blizzard, but the company doesn’t want him to use the title World of Starcraft for his game. Winzen is hoping Blizzard will allow him to rename his mod to Starcraft Chronicles or Starcraft Universe.

Kotaku reported on a statement provided by Blizzard that insists that the company was merely following procedure when it had Winzen’s video removed from YouTube. Blizzard’s does not want to stop Winzen from making the mod.

In a shocking turn of events, Winzen was asked if he was interested in a game design position with Riot Games. Riot Games created the MMO League of Legends. Winzen hasn’t decided if he’s going to take Riot Games up on its offer. Riot Games isn’t guaranteeing Winzen a job, the company is just wanted to touch bases with him to see where things go.

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