Killzone 3 open beta starts February 2

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Killzone 3

The Killzone 3 multiplayer beta will soon be open to everyone. Starting February 2, Killzone 3 will be entering its open beta phase. It will be available to anyone with access to the PlayStation Network which means you don’t have to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to get in on the action. The beta will run until February 14, 2011.

This beta is going to be the real deal. Not only will you be able to play the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta in 3D, but PlayStation Move will also be supported. It’s best to have the navigation controller or a gun attachment of some sort if you intend to use Move. According to Amazon, Sony’s official Sharp Shooter peripheral won’t be available until February 22, so you’ll have to make do until then.

A special map is also being released just for open beta users. The Frozen Dam map will have four gameplay modes – Guerilla Warfare, Warzone and Operations and Botzone. Botzone can be played offline to help you practice before facing real people.

Each match type can be played with at least 16 players. Guerrilla Warfare is another way to say Team Deathmatch. Operations is a new mode in which a team of ISA soldiers complete small missions with the overall goal being to secure docks and destroy a dam. The Helghast’s goal is to prevent the ISA from completing their mission.

European PSN users are also in the open beta. Their beta starts one day later on February 3.

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