Zynga and Blingville involved in trademark dispute

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Blingville logo It wasn’t too long ago we were reporting on Lima Sky sending out cease and desist orders to random game developers who used the word “doodle” in the title of their games. Lima Sky eventually called off its dogs while offering an explanation of its actions. Another case of possible trademark infringement had been brought up by Zynga in November 2010 against a company named Blingville. Zynga claims Blingville is violating its trademark.

Blingville is a company that is currently developing a Facebook game that is also titled Blingville. Zynga claims that Blingville is in violation of a trademark it owns in regards to the suffix “ville.” Zynga is the developer of extremely popular Facebook games including FarmVille and CityVille. The company also started beta testing a new virtual currency service called RewardVille.

According to the legal documents, the domain for was registered in October 2004. A trademark for Blingville was filed on November 5, 2010. Blingville’s case claims that Zynga has not filed for a trademark that will prevent the Blingville name from appearing in a game outside of Zynga.

Zynga had been sending out cease and desist letters to Blingville since November 2, 2010. It claims Blingville “violates the Lanham Act with respect to Zynga or any of Zynga’s trademarks or its social networking games containing the letter combination of “ville.”

Blingville wants to court to decide that its game does not violate any trademark Zynga may or may not have. Blingville is asking that Zynga pay its legal fees and other undisclosed amounts that are the result of Zynga’s cease and desist letters.

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