Nintendo Downloads for January 31, 2011

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Nintendo Downloads Weekly Update
It’s Monday, which means it’s once again time for some Nintendo downloads. This week’s update is a little sparce again, with only one new WiiWare game showing up and four DSiWare games arriving. Don’t get too excited about those four DSiWare games though, as only two are even worth looking at – the other two are a diary app and a generic pet simulation. It’s a bit lackluster, but the WiiWare demos make up for it.

We get two new demos this week, though they’re for existing games. It works out well though, as Zombie Panic in Wonderland and Racer’s Islands: Crazy Racers normally cost $10 each. Thanks to the demos, you don’t have to buy either game and hope for the best. You can actually see ahead of time if they’re worth the money.

Gamertell’s Nintendo Download pick for the week is the free Zombie Panic in Wonderland WiiWare demo.

Magic Destiny WiiWare


Magic Destiny
Price: 500 Nintendo Points / $5
Genre: Simulation / Puzzle
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”
Description: This is a fortune telling application. You can learn how to make predictions with methods like palm reading, tarot card readings and more. There are also supposedly a few casual games included too.

Virtual Console


101 Dolphin Pets DSiWare


101 Dolphin Pets
Price: 500 Nintendo Points / $5
Genre: Simulation
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”
Players: 1
Description: Take care of 101 dolphins, raising them, training them and playing with them.

All-Star Air Hockey
Price: 200 Nintendo Points / $2
Genre: Sports
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”
Players: 1
Description: An air hockey game with practice and tournament modes. Unfortunately, you can only play against virtual adversaries – there’s no multiplayer mode.

Price: 200 Nintendo Points / $2
Genre: Puzzle
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”
Players: 1-2
Description: A Mahjong puzzle game with different special powers available to use if needed and a multiplayer mode.

Price: 200 Nintendo Points / $2
Description: A diary application with different themes, ink colors and a password system.

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