[Update #2] PS3 firmware update 3.56 is coming soon

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PS3 fat Sony is getting ready to pull the trigger on PS3 firmware version 3.56. According to the PlayStation Blog, this update will add (wait for it), a security patch. Gee, we wonder what this security update will patch? Surely this doesn’t have anything to do with the potentially devastating PS3 hack that was released upon the world earlier this year. This must the patch that will address naivety. Of course this patch is the counterattack against pirates. To what extent, we don’t know.

The last couple firmware updates were also created to fill holes in security. Those updates addressed the PS Jailbreak exploit. Before that, Sony’s update locked out certain USB devices from working on the PS3. These blocks were successful, but the latest hack rocks the PS3 to its core. In fact, some say it is irreversible.

It shouldn’t take long for someone to figure out exactly what this update has done. It was rumored that Sony will require future PS3 games to have serial keys. If this rumor is true, PS3 games will only be played on five consoles before the code is invalid. On the other hand, this update could include a way for Sony to specifically track what consoles are running unlicensed software. This could allow Sony to either block the console from accessing the PlayStation Network, or brick the system entirely. I’d assume Sony is more likely to perform the former.

The war is on.

Update: It’s live. Get to downloading.

Update #2: Reports around the web are saying firmware 3.56 has already been hacked. Hackers have apparently found a way around the update and are homebrewing once again. We’ll now wait for Sony to issue another update.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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  • Jared

    It was out when this article was posted! :O


    It has nothing to do with whatever he's talkin aboUT

  • kyle

    I seriously hope this article is right. Hackers are the worst scum in the world. I hope they brick your consoles. God, that would be great! You are whats wrong with gaming. If you aren't good enough to play for real, you shouldnt play. No one likes a cheater. Since this update launched, every forum i have been to has been nothing but hackers fearing for their console. one guy even bold enough to complain that he won't be able to cheat in Black Ops! What a cumbag. Maybe if Sony could stop screing around with this kind of crap, which unfotunately is entirely necessary, they could focus on getting out that cross game chat update.Stupid Hackers just ruin the fun for everyone.

  • xgcxsurf3rxdudex

    I love hacking tell me how to be able to hack now that my ps3 is updated…it seems to not work anymore but others are sooo whats the problem???

  • Jose

    Kyle you are a little bitch,

    if you don't like hacking then STFU, don't do it and let it be. I, for example hate smoking but i dont go around wishing people that smoke cancer. If you are too stupid to hack your ps3 then fine stop being a little bitch complaining about something you dont understand.

    The hacking of the ps3 was not made with the intention of cheating, but unlocking its true potential. Just like the invention of the knife was with the best of intentions but still people get stabbed day in and day out. The hacking of the ps3 is simply a tool, how people use it is up to them.

    So if all you have is words to say and no point to prove i'll kindly ask you to STFU.

    ps. Don't bother replying because I truly dont care what an nutless monkey like you has to say.


    so what happens for the people who buy their games from ebay….if they are used….and they are more than 5 consoles ….then i will be screwed….

  • Tyler

    I am a certified .net developer that has participated in projects involving wii ware, iPhone apps, and pc games. I 100% agree with Jose. These systems are bought by you, brought home by you, and owned by you. Hackers do not hurt the gaming industry, they are the gaming industy. Who is to tell you what you can do with your system when you get it home? You paid $300 to bring it home, as far as i am concerned, it is yours. These hackers are some of the best talent in the world and they do not intend to steal copyrights. They test their limits on breaking the industry standards of security. Most of them have probably legitly bought more games than the average gamer that critisizes them. In a world of advertisement, you cannot trust a review of a game from a site, they are probably advertising it if they review it good, you can only trust these die hard hackers that break a game to see its potential and expose a game that is shitty. I have released 3 games on the iPhone, and 2 games on the PC that did not do well. But when I released them, I released them with one auto generated key. If you wanted to give your 100 friends that key, the power to you, I made my $1 off you and that is all i deserved. Angry birds generated the most iphone profit of any app that exists, not cause they made you register it, you wanted to pay the $1 and download it.