GameStop NGP (PSP2) pre-order page has a $999.99 price tag

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NGP PSP2 Next Generation PortableOkay, so the NGP (PSP2) was only just officially announced early this morning, but GameStop‘s already taking pre-orders for Sony’s new handheld. You may want to take a breath before clicking through to see the product listing to prepare for some major sticker shock. The site’s price for the system is currently $999.99.

Don’t take it too seriously. Like the GameStop NGP listing page, that price is just a place holder. Sony hasn’t even let us know what it’s charging yet! GameStop also acknowledges this, but putting a big old “Actual Price To Be Determined” in the product listing’s title. I’m sure $999.99 is around $700 more than we should even be thinking about paying.

If that whole PlayStation Meeting 2011 got you so hyped up about the NGP that you need to guarantee a unit already, at least you now have your first pre-order option. GameStop’s slapped a big notice on the bottom of the listing saying that people who reserve early will pay the lowest price. When Sony announces the official price and release date, you’ll be ready. I’m guessing it’ll be around $300. It could end up being more though, if there’s a mandatory 3G contract.

Read [Joystiq] Site [GameStop]

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  • Jeremy Hill

    What if the NGP came in two versions – one with 3G and one without? Would you be more tempted to buy one if the 3G model was offered at a subsidized price after contract?

  • Jenni Lada

    I'd go without. Most of my PSP games are single-player RPGs, and I'd probably go the same way with the NGP. Especially since online connections/multiplayer really eat up battery life. After hearing rumor that the NGP may only have around a 5 hour max battery life, I'd want to do everything I could to maximize it.

    Plus, I currently only play my PSP a few times a month. I don't play it nearly as often as the PS3, DS or even Wii. I'd have trouble paying some kind of fee for 3G for something I might not even be playing regularly.

    What about you?